How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

May 13, 2021

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft.

The most common block in Minecraft is probably stone. However, all the way back from the original Minecraft Classic, Smooth Stone has also been an option. Here we will show you how to craft Smooth Stone, make a Furnace and make Smooth Slabs in Minecraft.

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft – Recipe.

Smooth Stone is a light gray color, and has a visible outline. There is no Minecraft crafting recipe for Smooth Stone in the Crafting Grid, however you can still make it:

This is how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft: The Smooth Stone Recipe.

Step 1:  Get Cobblestone. Cobblestone is the most common type of stone. This is the stone to use to craft a furnace.  Also, it is the stone that you can refine into smooth stone.

Step 2:  Get Coal, or Wood. Coal or Wood is needed to get your furnace fire started.  You will find coal in stone areas.  Look for the blocks that have black pixels in them.

Step 3:  Build the Furnace by using 8 Cobblestone blocks in the Minecraft crafting menu.  Every block should be filled, except the middle one. This is how you craft the Furnace.

Step 4:  Turn Cobblestone into Stone with the Furnace. Use the coal and put it into the bottom of the furnace.  In the top put your Cobblestone.  Once you put both in the furnace, flames are burning and Cobblestone is turned into Stone.

Step 5: Turn Stone into Smooth Stone with the Furnace. Repeat the exact same process.  Take the Stone you created in the furnace in the first place, add coal and you will get Smooth Stone.

How to make a furnace in Minecraft
How to make a furnace in Minecraft: First, craft your furnace by placeing 8 Cobblestone in the following pattern in the Crafting Menu

When, smelting in the Furnace, the conversion is 1:1, so you will get one Smooth Stone block for every Stone block, you smelt.

How to make smooth stone in Minecraft
After crafting your Furnace, use the Furnace to turn Cobblestone into Stone. Repeat the smelting process with the resulting Stone, and you will get Smooth Stone.

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft – Quick Video.

Watch this video on how to make a Furnace with Cobblestone, and then use the Furnace to make Stone and Smooth Stone in Minecraft. The video also explains how to make Smooth Stone Slabs.

How to make Smooth Stone Slabs in Minecraft.

If you want to craft Smooth Stone Slabs, the here is the Stone Slab Recipe:

  1. You will need three Smooth Stone blocks.
  2. Place them in a Crafting Table in a row, which will give you 6 Smooth Stone Slabs.


  • Smooth Stone Slabs do not combine to a single block, when placed on top of eachother. They create a layered double-slab pattern, instead.
  • Smooth Stone must be mined with a pickaxe for it to drop. You can also get Smooth Stone by finding it by villages and houses.
  • You can also use the Stonecutter on Smooth Stone as on other rock-based block.
  • You can no longer make Smooth Stone stairs, however, as far as I know

NOTE: If you are mainly using your Furnace to smelt ore, then read our article on ‘How to make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft‘. The Blast Furnace will smelt ore at twice the rate as a normal Furnace.

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