Apex Legends Patch Notes Update

June 23, 2021

Apex Legends Patch Notes Update.

Apex Legends are always rolling out new gameplay updates. The description of these updates are called “Patch Notes”, and these updates are usually rolled out for a new season, and include new playing characters, new maps, or changes to weapon damage, as well as fixing bugs.

On this page you can read about all the latest Apex Legends patch notes.

Each season also has smaller updates within it, and recent updates have targeted DDOS attacks.

Apex Legends patch notes: Season 9 has a new Arenas Mode with underground maps.

Apex Legends Update 1.72.

The Apex Legends 1.72 update is targeting DDOS (denial of service) attacks in the ranked mode of Apex Legends.

Respawn tweeted: “When we detect an attack, all players will be booted from the game and granted loss forgiveness”. “The idea is to deny advantages to attackers and protect victims of those attacks from RP losses.” and “continued: “more updates to deal with these sorts of attacks are on the way.”

Hackers has been known to DDOS attack the complete lobby to farm kills and RP from players that are inactive.

Apex Legends Update 1.71.

The Apex Legends 1.71 update fixed the Apex Legends Arenas leavers penalties, as players were getting banned for no reason. Fewer players should leave teams, that go a game or two down, as a result of this update.

  • The Apex Legends 1.71 update:
  • Fixes voice chat problems on Switch.
  • Enables leaver penalties for Arenas. Leaver penalties can take up to 24 hours to be activated.
  • Gives all players the Pride badge.

Apex Legends Patch 1.70.

The Apex Legends 1.70 patch fixes problems on Switch and it changes the Valkyrie character’s power.

All Patch 1.70 Patch Notes:

  1. Fixed Switch users from being kicked out from clock manipulation.
  2. Bloodhound x Lifeline edition confirmation message.
  3. Hovering when using Valkyrie’s tactical will use the fuel compared to hovering and not using her tactical. Thisstops Valkyrie players from  “taking a coffee break”.
  4. Fixed the erros that does not track ‘Win X rounds in Arenas’ wins correctly.
  5. Fixed light effect error in the lobby.
  6. Stability fixes

Apex Legends Season 9 Patch Notes.

New Arenas Game Mode.

New permanent mode: Arenas.

The rules: 3-versus-3. Kill your enemies to win the round. There is nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Arenas features custom maps, . Squads start a round in a ‘spawn room’, with weapons, gear, abilities. The first squad to win three rounds with a two-point lead wins. A four-four tie means ‘Sudden Death’ game.

Spitfire Nerf Changes:

  • Bullet Damage Reduced: 19-> 18
  • Purple/Gold Magazine Reduced: 55 -> 50

Bocek Bow Nerf Changes:

  • Max Body Shot Damage: 70 -> 60
  • Bocek Bow Stack Size: 16 -> 14
  • Ammo Slot Reduction: 48 -> 28
  • Weapon Charge Time Increased: 0.54 -> 0.56
  • Deadeye’s Tempo Charge Increase : 0.32 -> 0.38

New Legend – Valkyrie:

Passive: VTOL Jets. Us jetpack to reach high places. Cannot use weapons when flying.

Tactical: Missile Swarm. Mini-rockets can damage/disorient enemy.

Ultimate: Skyward dive.

Class: Recon. Beacons reveal next circle location.

New Weapon – Bocek Bow.

The new Bocek is a precision marksman weapon. Repeatedly firing at max power gives sustained damage. The Bocek uses Arrows, unique to this weapon.

Low Profile Characters.

Low profile will longer exist, removed from Wraith, Lifeline, Wattson.


Combat Revive will no longer deploy a shield, but can revive two players simultaniously.
D.O.C. Heal Drone: Heal ratehas been increased to 8hp per second, from 5hp per second to.
Care Package: Cooldown has been reduced from 6 minutes to 5 minutes, and guarantees an upgrade in three categories: Body Shield, Other Equipment, and Weapon Attachment.


Stim: cooldown between stims reduced from 4s to 1s. Health cost invreased from 12hp to 20hp.


Burglar’s Best Friend: Run and slide at top speed while aiming bracelet.


No more assists from ‘Eye of the Allfather’.


Drone can scan, as well as open care packages.
Can’t use the drone to “hijack” another respawn beacon.

Apex Legends Season 10 Patch Notes.

The Apex Legends Season 10 Release Date is around August 3, 2021.

New Legend: Pariah. Pariah can see other players’ health, can scout with sonar grenades, immunity to being stunned.

More Season 10 Patch Notes when season 10 is released.

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